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Loft Conversions Add Most Value!

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

According to a recent article in Money Market UK, a loft conversion “makes the most financial sense in areas were property values are high and space is tight.”

Home Improvements We are all aware that home improvements of any kind should add value to your home, whether you are intending to sell or just want to create a better and more useful living space. But it is becoming increasingly apparent that converting your loft into an extra room, be it a spare bedroom, office or leisure space, will add the most value to your property. According to the article, “Most people assume that doing up the kitchen will do most to increase their property’s value, followed by a bathroom revamp, but new research suggests they’re wrong. “

Kitchen, Bathroom or Loft Conversion? A new kitchen or bathroom can add value to your home but it is the extra living space, often taken from space that is seldom used, that gives the most benefit from home improvements. Let’s be honest, how many of us make that dreaded trip to the attic any more frequently that we absolutely have to and then it’s usually to hide some little used knick-knack that you can’t bring yourself to throw away or to bring down the Christmas decorations! So why not make this loft space work for you both financially and practically? Utilising this often expansive attic area is a really great way to give you an extra room or two and to add some real value to your property. It’s true that converting your loft may not be a quick and cheap process but the benefits of what it can bring are well worth the efforts, especially in areas where property values are high and space is at a premium.

Sunlight Lofts North London At Sunlight Lofts we can help you plan and build a beautiful extra living space in your attic and our huge experience in building loft conversions in North London can make your lofty dreams come true!

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