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Converting Your Loft Into a ….. Spare Bedroom

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

An attic bedroom exploits roof space previously devoted to Christmas decorations and nesting sparrows. Reclaiming the space under your roof also avoids many problems with losing garden space or planning issues, common when adding an extension to your home.

With many modern families having at least 2 kids growing up in the family home, few of us are lucky enough to have a designated “Guest” room for when the grand parents or long-lost friends come to stay. It’s usually a case of re-jigging the kids’ accommodation or turning the living room into a make-shift bedroom for our visitors.

So it’s not surprising that a spare, or guest bedroom, is fast becoming the most popular single reason for considering a loft conversion.

An attic bedroom is ideal – it will absorb some of the heat loss from rooms lower down in the house, making it easier and quite economical to heat. The size of most attics is also in keeping with a basic guest room, and most houses will have enough space to include a small basin.

With comparatively little extra cost, a walk-in shower is an ideal accompaniment to the guest bedroom and one that can also add additional value to the property.

Also, consider the access to your new bedroom. If you are transforming the area into a bedroom (or any room that will be used regularly) then you will most likely need secure stairs rather than a retractable ladder. There are various options, such as fashionable spiral staircases and practical space-saving stairs for those awkward-to-get-to loft spaces. Whichever you choose, ensure these are appropriate for use by small children if needed and that they comply with fire regulations.

Finally, don’t forget the wardrobe! Attic roofs slope, so make sure you include space for clothes storage in the plans before you go ahead with the conversion.

Sunlight Lofts are experts in providing solutions to your attic dilemmas, so give us a call today for some free advice!

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