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Finding a good company to work with can often present a serious challenge. Sunlight Lofts pride themselves on being experts in the design and construction of all types of quality loft conversions.

Constructing loft conversions for over 30 years, we have converted over a thousand lofts, ranging from bedrooms and offices to gymnasiums and playrooms. We believe that our previous and long-established experience, together with our unique and distinctive approach to handling contracts, makes us the ideal company to construct a loft conversion you will be truly happy with.


At Sunlight Lofts, we believe that a number of characteristics set us apart from other loft conversion companies in the North London area:

 Loft Conversion Experts in North London


From the initial quotation, providing Planning and Building Regulation drawings for submission, through to the removing of scaffolding and the final inspection, Sunlight Lofts will undertake all the required work in order to provide you with a service that is efficient and hassle-free.

This approach means that any potential problems or queries you may have are always overseen and resolved by us. It is Sunlight Lofts, not the customer, who organises individual trades (plumbers, electricians, plasterers etc.) and ensures they deliver a professional and cost-effective service. Just one call to Sunlight Lofts means all your worries are taken care of.

This approach has resulted in the majority of our contracts being completed ahead of schedule to the complete satisfaction of the client.


At Sunlight Lofts, we believe an open and honest approach is key to providing customers with a loft conversion that meets their needs and expectations. Each decision is made together with the client, so they are fully aware of what is happening at every stage of the contract. This allows the client to feel completely reassured, sound in the knowledge that their loft is being constructed to their exact requirements.

Stage payments are never paid in advance, but only when the client is happy with the work completed, and always direct to Sunlight Lofts. This provides an environment that is friendly, respectful and efficient.

 Loft Conversion in North London
 loft conversion long term support


At Sunlight Lofts, we recognise the genuine concerns people may have entering into a loft conversion contract on their home. We therefore provide a 10-year structural guarantee on all of our work. 

We believe this approach reassures customers that both short and long-term support is a priority for Sunlight Lofts. It also gives them the security of knowing that if any problems arise, whether immediate or long after the work has been completed, they can always be remedied through one simple phone call.

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