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Converting Your Loft Into A …. Recording Studio!

For many a home musician, the loft is an excellent location for a small recording studio. Unlike a cellar, it’s not a space that’s going to suffer from penetrating damp, it probably won’t be fought over as much as a spare room, and it will still leave you the garage to park your car or store all your necessary junk!

Having a studio in a loft is also good for security, especially if it is accessed via a ladder rather than a fixed staircase. Burglars ransacking a house in search of swag will probably overlook a loft hatch, unaware of what they’re missing.

For any home recording studio, the biggest challenge is to be able to soundproof your home studio as well as keeping it dry and warm. There are many excellent insulation products on the market that keep heat, and noise, inside your studio! Don’t forget when insulating the walls and floor of your loft studio to remember windows and the loft hatch too, if you have one.

Also, in many cases, the shape of a converted loft actually lends itself quite well to achieving good acoustics for recording music and often areas are easily able to be turned into small separation booths for vocals etc.

Space is not really too much of an issue either when planning an attic hit-factory. As long as you have room for a chair or two and a small mixing desk or computer, you will be able to make good use of your loft space. If you have a larger loft with space for drums and vocal booths, all the better, just make sure that the above mentioned insulation is in place to avoid angry neighbours!

There is a fair bit to consider when planning an attic studio in your home but it is possible to create a great creative space for your music on a reasonable budget, or go the whole hog and have a full loft conversion done with making music in mind. This will give you a fantastic studio and add considerable value to your property in the process.

Speak to us at Sunlight Lofts and we can help you create a fantastic audio studio in your attic!

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