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One of the questions we most frequently get asked is “what type of loft conversion can be carried out on my property?” There are four main types of loft conversion that we can create depending on the structure of your house. Please see below for an image and description of each one.


On most terraced and semi-detached properties, it is possible to construct a rear dormer to create a substantial amount of extra floor space and height.
This allows a larger bedroom and bathroom to be formed or the formation of two rooms in the loft space.

dormer 2.jpg
ext 1_edited.jpg


A popular conversion on properties with a back addition joined to the main property, is to create an "L-Shape" dormer.
This involves constructing a dormer at the rear of the main roof with an additional dormer built above the back addition roof. This can normally form two bedrooms and a bathroom.


On a hip ended property, the formation of a gable wall above the existing side flank wall will provide a more natural appearance to the conversion and can give the impression that the property was originally constructed this way.
The existing tiles are often used to match the main roof. This type of conversion can enable the loft to be converted into two rooms and a bathroom.



This involves converting the existing area of your loft. It is an ideal way of forming a single bedroom, playroom or office area.
Velux rooflights are positioned either side to provide light and ventilation and the staircase is positioned in the most convenient area on the first floor.
It is also sometimes possible to form an additional shower room or WC.

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