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Converting Your Loft into a … Home Gym

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

During the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of homeowners have invested in home gyms and workout rooms to keep fit while the gyms have been closed. If you have thought about having your own gym at home, your loft is one place to seriously consider as a suitable gym space. Read our useful blog for some tips on how to get the most out of your attic gym.

Our lofts can make a great area to house a gym and you may even be able to add a small en-suite shower room as well to make it a really self-contained exercise area. You will need to consider the access for you and any equipment you may want to bring in and if you have the space, then you could also consider putting in a sofa-bed for example, making it a potential additional guest bedroom too.

The biggest advantage in creating a gym in the comfort of your own home is that it allows you to tailor the space to your own, personal needs and the practicalities of turning your loft into a home gym are fairly straightforward. The natural lighting you can bring into the room through skylights and balconies can keep your loft bright and add some much-needed ventilation during the summer months. Large mirrors are also great idea to consider, not only to help give the illusion of a much larger space and make the room seem brighter, but they will also allow you to check your form while exercising.

With full control over the music in your own personal home gym, there’s no need to worry about forgetting your headphones! You may want to consider installing a television or investing in a quality sound system to help keep you motived while working out.

Storage areas are also a necessity to help keep your gym looking great. You could invest in boxes to store smaller equipment like mats and jump ropes and a mini fridge to keep water cold.

Converting a loft into any room is not a cheap option but by spending a bit of money now in converting your loft space you will be building up the equity in your property as well as building up your muscles! There's no need for expensive gym memberships when you can have your own workout space in your home!

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