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Converting Your Loft into a … Home Cinema

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Serious About Films?

Are you a film buff, a lover of hi-tec home entertainment or just a serious couch potato with a penchant for massive screens and popcorn! Maybe you just want to save money on expensive cinema tickets whilst enhancing the saleability and value of your home?

Either way, we at Sunlight Lofts are always thinking of innovative ways to make the best use of your loft space, and maybe a Home Cinema would be just the thing for those evenings in with friends.

Awesome Definition, Amazing Sound

There are some amazing tv’s and high-definition projectors on the market today, all so much more affordable than a few years ago, and we now have the option of 3D and smart tv’s (connected to your internet and have the ability to watch “on-line”). Some serious sound systems are available too, to really give that true cinematic experience.

Cinema Luxury

So, what better way to impress family & friends than by creating your very own mini cinema in your loft! Kit your attic out with some nice, subdued lighting, a small fridge for “refreshments” and some extremely comfy seats, and you will be all set to screen the latest blockbuster (legally of course!) and enjoy some fantastic movies in the comfort of your own home without all those annoying pre-movie adverts!!

Ice cream anyone?

If you fancy having your own movie theatre in your North London home, let Sunlight Lofts give you some ideas!

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