Initial Survey & Quotation

On our first visit to your property, we will carry out a survey of your loft and other areas of your home to confirm the feasibility of the conversion. We will then discuss various designs with you to ascertain your exact requirements, enabling us to prepare a FREE comprehensive quotation and floor plan.

With over a thousand completed loft conversions on our files, we will be able to able to arrange viewings for you at previous conversions similar to your own proposed design. This will enable you to inspect the quality of our work and may also give you further ideas regarding your own conversion.

Should you wish to proceed, our Managing Director, John Stevenson, will arrange a meeting with you in order to discuss all aspects of the conversion. You will then receive a full Specification of Works document, outlining the day-to-day schedules of the contact.

A Schedule of Payments document will also be given, in order to clarify the payment dates for your conversion. This allows us to show you that our pricing is completely transparent, and that no “hidden extras” exist. In addition, please note that a final payment will only be required once all work is completed, passed on site by the Local Authority/independent inspectors, and you are completely happy.

Planning & Building Regulation

Once deciding to proceed, Steve Carter, our Surveyor and Structural Engineer, will carry out a full survey of your property and will produce detailed plans and calculations, which on approval by you, will be submitted to the relevant departments at your Local Authority. If planning permission is needed, it will normally take 8 to 12 weeks to be processed, depending on your Local Authority. Sunlight Lofts will liaise with the Council regarding the progress of your application.

However, since new changes to planning law in October 2008, the majority of properties do not require planning permission. This is because properties now have a certain area of lawful development, which allows a loft conversion to be constructed without the need for planning permission. As a general rule, this enables us to construct a side and/or rear dormer or gable conversion without the worry of whether planning permission would be granted.

Every loft conversion must comply with local building regulations. All habitable room conversions will therefore require Building Regulations Approval. A set of detailed plans will be sent to the Local Authority Building Control. On approval of the plans and commencement of the conversion, a Building Control Surveyor will visit the site on various occasions to ensure that the conversion is carried out in accordance with the approved plans.

On completion of the loft conversion, the Building Surveyor will make a final inspection. A Completion of Works certificate will then be issued by the Local Authority to complete the set of documents required. This completion certificate will be important for the future conveyance of your property when selling.

Party Wall

If you live in a terraced or semi-terraced house this work will probably require a Party Wall Agreement with your neighbours. This refers to walls which are shared between properties. All homeowner who intend to carry out any of the work described above have to inform their neighbouring property of their intentions. This should be done in writing before work commences.

Failure to comply with these rules contains no enforcement procedures. However, if you start work without having first given notice in the proper way, adjoining owners may seek to stop your work through a court injunction. The Party Wall Act therefore provides a framework for preventing and resolving disputes in relation to party walls. Paul James, our Project Manager, will provide you with the relevant party wall documentation when sending out a quote.

Ready to Start

Once we have obtained all the necessary permits and approvals, we will confirm your start date. Our Managing Director will meet with you before any work starts on your property. We will liaise with you for a suitable time for the scaffolding to be set up and materials to be delivered ready for work to start.


Please contact us for more information about a loft conversion in North London