Sunlight balloonsWith the economy still seemingly “on-hold” and with the property market still dragging its’ heels, having a loft conversion is fast becoming the new “house move”. With many properties still struggling to sell and many of us needing to extend our living space for a whole host of reasons, having a loft conversion can give us that extra space at a fraction of the cost of moving house.

Loft conversions are potentially also one of the best ways to add value to your property. Many people see this option as a way of gaining much needed extra living space whilst waiting for the property market to improve, and then see a bigger return when they eventually sell their home.

Loft conversions actually have the potential to add value by a fairly large amount, but at the same time homeowners could be caught short financially if they get it wrong. Various factors come into play that determines whether a loft conversion will add value or not, such as the other houses in the area and the actual cost of the conversion itself. We must do our homework here but in the main, loft conversions prove to be an extremely attractive way on extending your home and considerably increasing its’ value too.

Depending on the roof structure, a loft conversion is one of the most straightforward and effective ways of getting the space you need from your existing house. Almost all houses can benefit from this extension with a bit of basic planning and a professional team of expert loft converters on your side.

To many people, the thought of a loft conversion may sound dark, but they really offer a surprising amount of light with the introduction of skylights or dormer windows, offering both natural light and a beautiful view, and, unlike most extensions, the majority of loft conversions need no planning permission. You will, however, have to meet Building Regulations standards.

So, why not see how you could make your own home go up, up, up…. physically and financially!

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