1.  Can all lofts be converted?
A.  The majority of lofts can be converted. As a rule of thumb, if you can stand up in your loft, it can be converted.

2.  Will I require planning permission?
A.  Unless your property is a flat or is in a conservation area it is unlikely your loft conversion will require planning permission.

3.  Do I need a party wall agreement?
A.  A party wall agreement which can be downloaded or provided by our company will be required as a minimum. Some neighbours may insist on a party wall surveyor drafting an award. The costs have to be met by yourselves.

4.  Can neighbours prevent a loft conversion going ahead?
A.  No, they can only insist on a full party wall award being drafted by surveyors.

5.  How much will my loft conversion cost me?
A.  It is difficult to give a definitive answer but to give a rough guide, a simple eaves loft would most likely start from £20,000 including VAT, whereas a dormer with a bedroom and bathroom would cost between £30-40,000.

6.  How are payments staged?
A.  We provide a balanced stage payment programme that ensures complete piece of mind for both client and company, with a final payment only being made when all the agreed work is complete.

7.  How long will my loft conversion take to complete?
A.  An average-sized loft is normally completed within 4 – 5 weeks.

8.  Will we need to move out while the work is undertaken?
A.  No, loft conversions are less disruptive than most other residential developments. Much of the work is undertaken accessing the property through the roof, limiting the disruption to the rest of the house.

9.  Will a loft conversion increase the value of my property?
A.  A professionally built loft conversion will instantly add value to your property, even in times of economic uncertainty. According to estate agents a fourth bedroom is the most valuable feature a property can have when clients are looking to buy.

10. Does the whole loft have to be completed by Sunlight Lofts?
A.  No, your loft can be completed up to insulation stage.

11. Do you provide bathroom suites or do I have to arrange this?
A.  The client will provide the bathroom suite.

12. Who deals with the authorities?
A.  We draw up plans for Local Authority and client approval, but are happy to work from drawings supplied.

13. Is Sunlight Loft’s work guaranteed?
A.  Yes, we guarantee all our work for up to 10 years.

14. Is your company fully insured?
A.  Yes, Sunlight Lofts has full personal, public and employers liability cover.

15. Can I see a completed conversion?
A.  We’ll be happy to show you a completed project or put you in contact with some of our many satisfied customers for references.

16. How quickly can work commence?
A.  When we visit you to discuss your project we’ll be happy to talk to you about the timings of the various permissions with local authorities, and once these have been arranged we will be able to start work.

17. What do I need to do next?
A.  Contact us on 020 8441 8581 and arrange for a FREE no-obligation feasibility study/quotation to determine the most efficient way of carrying out your loft conversion.