Loft Gym 2If you’re a keen keep-fitter and want to have your own gym at home, your loft is one place you seriously consider as a suitable gym space. Read our useful blog for some tips on how to get the most out of your attic gym.

Plan Ahead

Our lofts can make a great area to house a gym and you may even be able to add a small en-suite shower room as well to make it a really self-contained exercise area. You will need to consider ventilation and heating of course as well as the access for you and any equipment you may want to bring in. If you have the space then why not consider putting in a sofa-bad for example, making it potential additional guest accommodation too.

A good Investment

Converting a loft into any room is not a cheap option but by spending a bit of money now in converting your loft space you will be building up the equity in your property as well as building up your muscles!

Decor and Lighting

The practicalities of turning your attic space into a home gym (once you have the desired space ready of course!) are fairly straightforward. Choose light coloured walls and ceilings, to help keep the room cool, and fit a large mirror on a wall, away from any free weights.  Make the lighting nice and bright too, with a blend of spotlights and fluorescents giving a good overall light.

Gym equipment is extremely heavy, so will undoubtedly put a strain on the floor so make sure you tell your builders of your plans so that they can make provision for this and get specifications of weight and dimensions for the equipment you are considering implementing.

Flooring and Extras

In terms of flooring, tough vinyl or laminate are both hardwearing and easy to keep clean. Around the gym machines, non-slip matting is a sensible idea for health and safety. In terms of extra features, you may want to have some bottles of water in a small fridge, or even a water cooler, as well as some inspirational pictures on the walls.

The Important Stuff!

In order to get a complete work out, you will need machines that work your heart (cardiovascular) as well as those which strengthen and tone your muscles. Good cardio machines include treadmills, exercise bikes and rowing machines. For muscle toning, a multi-gym is a sensible, compact option, or free weights and a bench are a good budget choice. An area will need to be reserved for floor exercises and stretching, and for this you will need a 600x1200m mat, which is 25mm thick.

Finally, consider some form of entertainment and extra “motivation” whilst you are working out, a small stereo system or a wall-mounted TV for example. Happy pumping!