clear out your loftNow that you have taken the plunge and are about to have your loft converted into that much needed extra bedroom, a new office or gym or just more living space, there is one major task you need to attend to before the team of builders move in….. clear out your loft!!


It’s one of those jobs that you have probably been putting off for years but now you really do have to attack it and sort out your loft clutter!


For most of us, our attics are places where we hoard possessions that we either aim to use another day or we simply can’t face giving up, and this often equates to many years of indecision and a lot of “stuff”… typically it’s a mix of old junk, photo albums, unwanted gifts, the kids toys, bits of furniture, Christmas decorations, the works.


But now we really do have to confront this assortment of wondrous items and we need to be ruthless and decide what we keep, and what we dispose of. Unless you have the luxury of a disused old barn or a vacant garage, you will simply not have the storage space for your luxury junk!


You need to ascertain whether each item is of use to you now, whether it will be of use to you (or a family member or friend) in the future or if it has any value, monetary or otherwise. Then you can decide to keep it, bin it or sell it. Simple! Time to find out if you actually do have cash in the attic!


So here are a few basic questions to help you decide which of the inhabitants of your attic fit into which category:-

When was it last used? Are you really likely to use it again?

Does it have any value (monetary or emotional) to you, or would a friend find it useful?

How much space does it take up and where could you store it in future?


Hopefully after this exercise you will have a small pile of useful, valuable and must-have items and a much larger pile of “stuff” that can be tipped, given away or sold. Fortunately these days, with the wonderful World Wide Web, we are much more easily able to sell our unwanted goods through E-Bay, Gumtree and the like. But always remember the old adage, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, and what may seem worthless and useless to you, may be just what someone else is looking for… you just never know!


So now that you have had a good loft “de-clutter” and are ready for the exciting renovation work to begin, I’m sure you will feel a sense of satisfaction and achievement, and I hope you are a few pounds richer in the process!